Will you help name me?

pink vest front viewEvery once in awhile, a design comes along that needs a bit of help. Such is the case now. You see…this lovely vest has no name. The design was a joy to work up, and the finished vest came out exactly as pictured in my mind. And while I am generally narrowing the list of names for a design…a name for this design simply escapes me.

So I’ve decided to hold a “Naming Contest”! Here are the rules…….

1. A contestant may enter as many names as they wish by posting a comment to this article – one name per comment post. The comment should include why the contestant feels their name submission fits the design best, and include a valid email address.

2. Fellow contestants, and those just commenting, can vote for any names they particularly like. Post a comment/reply to the “Name Submission Comment” to vote.

3. Once a name has been submitted it cannot be submitted again by another contestant.pink vest back view

4. Names must be submitted by midnight MDT on August 10th, 2014 to be considered. Voting will continue through August 11th.

5. I will choose the name I like best – votes can and probably will influence my choice.

6. The contestant submitting the winning name will receive a personalized PDF of the published vest design, may choose a second PDF pattern from my Desert Rose Designs pattern line, and will receive a set of 6 stitch markers crafted especially for them. Pretty sweet!

6. The winning name will be announced on August 13th, after I’ve been in contact with the winner. If I am unable to reach the winner, I will choose one runner up. Since the winner will be contacted by email ~ please make sure your name submission has a valid email address and your spam filter will not block emails from “customerservice@drdesigns.net”.

Good luck to everyone choosing to enter my contest! I know there are some very creative people out there and this lovely vest will have a name on Aug 13th.

Happy Knitting ~ Jean

Contest legal info: No purchase is necessary to win. Any taxes are the responsibility of the winner. The total value of the offered prize is $30, but will depend on the second pattern chosen. Patterns received as a prize are not eligible for “Rosebud” awards. Stitch marker shipping will be paid by Desert Rose Designs.


  1. desertroseknits says:

    Before I announce the winning name for this vest, I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful & creative suggestions. Choosing just one name was a challenge ~ I wanted to choose all the names submitted!

    And now…..drum roll please…..the winning name…..
    “Desert Arrow Vest”!

    Congratulations to Michiele for submitting the winning name! “Desert Arrows” just kept jumping out at me every time I read down the list of submissions. I think this name encompasses the lace design, the color and overall look of the vest.

    Thank you all for participating in my contest! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. 🙂

    Happy Knitting! ~ Jean

  2. “All in a Row” because the lace pattern looks like rows of flowers and makes me think of the rhyme about “How does your garden grow?”

  3. desertroseknits says:

    Thank you all for your name suggestions – 37 in all! Only the names submitting by midnight MDT of Aug 10th will be considered. You can vote through today for any of the submitted names though.

    Now my task of choosing just one name begins. 🙂 Stay tuned for that announcement on Aug 13th.

    If you haven’t looked through my patterns yet – this would be a good time to look at them so you can start thinking about which one you would like to receive – if you are the winner. Remember, the winner gets to pick a pattern from my existing Desert Rose Designs line, along with receiving a copy of the vest pattern when it’s released…and a set of 6 stitch markers crafted especially for the winner. (You can pick a 6-piece set featured on my site if you prefer).

  4. “Rose Without Thorns” because the lace patterns and color remind me of roses, but you won’t get pricked with this vest (unless you poke yourself with your needles while knitting it).

  5. “Coming Up Roses Vest” because the lace pattern looks like roses coming up the front of the vest.

  6. “Rose Colored Glasses” because the lace patterns are shaped like some beverage glasses (such as wine glasses), and the vest is a rosy color.

  7. “Climbing Strawberries” because the lace pattern also reminds me of strawberries that are climbing up the front of the vest.

  8. “Climbing Rose Vest” because the lace reminds me of roses climbing up the front of the vest.

  9. desertroseknits says:

    Just two days left to submit your name for my vest pattern!

    Due to some issues with the FunCaptcha seeing multiple posts from a single person as ‘spam’, I’ve turned it off for now. So….if you were caught in that….you should be able to submit any additional names you’ve thought of now.

  10. “Rosy Future” because the lace patterns remind me of roses, the color is rosy, and surprisingly, there’s no pattern on Ravelry with that name.

  11. desertroseknits says:

    Humm…no new name submissions today 🙁 There are just three days left to submit names and one day after that to vote ~ if you want to vote for any names.

    See you all tomorrow evening!

  12. desertroseknits says:

    As I sit here at my computer tonight, reading through all the comments and name suggestions – I feel very lucky to have such a great group of knitters engaged in this contest! I hope to see more names over the next few days. 🙂

    And speaking of the next few days ~ I hope no one minds that I will be away from my computer during the daytime ~ but I will be checking in during the evenings to see what new & creative name suggestions there are.

    This vest pattern will be going to my tech editor next week, with a goal of having the final pattern ready for release about the 20th of this month. So stay tuned ~ and keep those names coming!

  13. “Tulip Field” because the lace pattern reminds me of tulips that are planted in rows.

  14. “Cupid’s Arrows” because the lace design looks like both hearts and arrowheads to me.

  15. “Wisteria Petals”, because it looks like a cascade of wisteria—and the petals really are heart-shaped.
    Look: http://bit.ly/1unUBRi and http://bit.ly/V2mCkI and http://bit.ly/1zV4Z69

    Remember to check for Ravelry duplicates. There are 21 pages when I search for Heart to Heart, and a full page if I use quotes. You’d be the only Wisteria Petals, with or without quotes.

    • desertroseknits says:

      I generally do a quick check on Ravelry to see if a name I want to use is already “taken”. It is amazing how many patterns there can be with duplicate or very similar names.

      The images you linked to are gorgeous! Everyone should check them out.

      • Thanks! I love the idea of hanging the vest from a branch among the cascade of petals, for a bit of an artsy glamor shot on the Ravelry page.

        • desertroseknits says:

          Sounds pretty ~ but alas ~ no cascades of petals around my area. The pattern photos will most likely be taken in a local park. Photos are also on the schedule for next week.

  16. Karla Kates says:

    When I looked at it first, it looked to me like rows of people holding their clasped hands up – so I’d call it Hold My Hand. . .

    Very lovely.

  17. Another one: Heart’s Aflutter – looks a little like part of a heart with the bird’s wings on the side.

  18. Guess I’m marching to a different drummer. All I see are bird’s wings – here’s:
    On Wings of Eagles

  19. Mary Kay says:

    Heart Captcha!

    It was so much fun proving I was a human that I wanted to name this vest in honor of Funcaptcha

  20. Mary Kay says:

    Heart Vest – Better Than Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve!

  21. Mary Kay says:

    My first thought was heart to heart, so maybe this is a vote for Norma’s…
    Since I want to win a pattern copy like all of us, my entry is “Everything is Rosy”.
    It continues your rose theme and is a cheerful saying, so naturally the vest is cheerful too.

  22. Hugged by Hearts

  23. Michele De La Cruz says:

    Thank you for this opportunity, i would like to suggest “Heart of Hearts” Vest.
    Thanks again,
    < Michele

  24. Desert Arrows would be the name I suggest.

  25. I think it should be called “cascading hearts”.

  26. “Morning Time Petals” because the lacy parts also remind me of petals, and the way they appear to be falling made me think of the line from the Simon and Garfunkel song: “Let the morning time drop all its petals on me.” (That line is from “The 59th Street Bridge Song,” commonly known as “Feelin’ Groovy.”)

  27. “Falling Leaves” because the lacy parts look like leaves to me, and they appear to be falling down the front of the vest.

  28. Lucia "knittylucia" on Rav says:

    One more… “Lisianthus Vest” because the little flower shapes on the vest look like the Lisianthus flower that’s ready to bloom.

  29. Jane Flannery says:

    I would name it lucky horseshoes.

  30. Lucia "knittylucia" on Rav says:

    The name that first came to mind is “Country Rose” because it looks like a beautiful rose you might find in the country, and also flows nicely from your Desert Rose Design name.

  31. How about “Vestilaceous”?

  32. desertroseknits says:

    I am loving all these creative names, and how different they all are!

  33. Gay Robinson says:

    This such a beautiful design. The line of this vest would be great on any figure. I suggest calling it “Loveline”. Really wonderful.

  34. This is a great way win a pattern 🙂
    Thank you!
    Since your name is Desert Rose, the vest is knitted in a rosé colour with a type of arrow stitch pattern I would suggest:
    Rose Lance Vest
    short, sharp and matching 😉

    P.S. I liked that FunCaptcha thing instead of typing letters…

    • desertroseknits says:

      Thank you for the comment on the FunCaptcha. I’m not real fond of the other types but do worry about making it easy for my visitors to comment while keeping the spam at bay. The FunCaptcha makes it fun at least!

  35. Strawberry Fields

    • I like this name. Strawberries are one of the things the lace pattern reminds me of, and the lacy berries are arranged in rows the way strawberries would be planted in a field. And I love the Beatles, so I appreciate the reference to their song.

  36. KittenWithAWhiplash says:

    The lace pattern reminds me of a fox’s head, so I like the name Vixen Vest. Really beautiful design, and thanks for the giveaway. Kitten Whiplash on Rav.

  37. Summer Love! It is the perfect garment for a romantic summer night out

  38. Connie K. says:

    I like the name Petals Vest because it looks like rows of rose petals to me.

  39. Dwen Heminway says:

    The vest says “Color Me Lacy” to me!!

  40. desertroseknits says:

    I’m seeing some very creative & lovely names! Remember you can vote for a name by replying to the comment with the name you like. This is quite exciting and I’m looking forward to more names and having to choose just one. 🙂

  41. Carol Weldin says:

    When I first saw this (despite the color) the name that came to me was: Waterfall.

  42. Redrock Ranch – because it’s a beautiful place where this sweet vest would be perfect to wear.

  43. i think serendipity vest is appropriate!

  44. Norma Horan says:

    My suggestion is “Heart to Heart” for this lovely little vest.

  45. Kathryn L McDonald says:

    Naming contest – such a beautiful vest…It reminds me of a sandy beach with scallops scattered along it. My recommended name is – Sandy Beach Sea Scallop Vest

  46. Andrea W. says:

    Chest of Hearts

  47. Francine Shafer says:

    This vest should be called “Lacey Summertime Bloom Vest” because it reminds me of the delicate blossoms that appear in the heat of the sun when everything else is dry and in need of some kind of color.