Three Stitches from One….

When we think of increases, we usually think of making one extra stitch or replacing a decreased stitch. How often do we think of making multiple increases in a single stitch? Or how to do that? The most common multiple increase is to make three stitches from one stitch….let’s look at one decorative way of […]

Yarn Subs…part 3

Today we reach the end of this short series about substituting yarn. We’ve talked about the things to consider ~ fiber content, yarn weight, yarn texture and gauge. Now we get to figure out how much of our choice for a substitute yarn we’ll need to buy. Assuming we’ve chosen a yarn that will give […]

Yarn subbing…Part 2

Welcome back to our discussion about substituting yarns! Monday we talked about what considerations go into choosing a substitute yarn and why knowing the fiber content and weight of the original yarn will help you choose a good substitute match. Today we’ll look at texture and gauge. Texture is how the yarn looks – it […]

Let’s sub…yarn that is…

Have you seen a pattern that is exactly what you’re looking for…only to be disappointed because the yarn called for is discontinued, too pricey, doesn’t come in colors you like, or you really just want to use yarn from your stash? Never fear..finding a yarn to substitute for the original is not as difficult as […]

Add a Decorative Trim to a Folded Waistband…..

Are you looking for a neater waistband for your knit skirts? Does a drawstring waist seem just too casual for a tailored skirt? Have you considered using a folded waistband instead? The reason I prefer a folded waistband over a drawstring waist, for a knit or crochet skirt, is that you can put elastic in […]

Another way to work Short Rows…

In my last tutorial I posted about the Japanese Short Row method ~ but that’s not the only way to work short rows. In this tutorial we’ll review the Wrap & Turn method. When reading a pattern that includes short rows, Wrap & Turn (W&T) is the method most often used. And while many knitters […]

Shape your knits with short rows….

Well, I’m a bit late with November’s tutorial…but I have a good reason that I’ll explain in my next post. In the meantime, let’s take a look at short rows. Using short rows to shape a knit project is gaining more popularity every day, and with good reason. Short rows can be used to add […]

“Stretch” your knitting skills with this cast-on…

Do you sometimes find that your cast-on is tighter than you like? Or you are knitting a project that needs a really stretchy edge? Consider the “German Twisted Cast-On”. You may have also heard of this cast-on as the “Norwegian Cast-On”, either name is correct. The steps for this cast-on are basically the same as […]

Let’s learn the “Lifted Increase”

Have you come across patterns that while instructing you to work an increase – don’t specify what type of increase? From a designer perspective, unless the overall design is affected by the type of increase, leaving this detail up to the knitter means the knitter can use an increase they are comfortable working. And from […]