Socks….and shoes….

In my last post, we talked about the Interweave Press Hurt Book Sale ~ which is a great way to add to your ‘knitting library’. I must confess I am a bookaholic. I love books. And not just knitting books ~ crochet books are always on my list as are novels, non-fiction and ‘how to’ […]

Well, here we are-over a month since my last post…

where does the time go? It has been a pretty busy month so I guess that’s the answer. So what have I been up to…let’s see…… I’m taking Shannon Okey‘s online Designer class, which is great! We started with style sheets and I now have a beautiful new one. The first pattern to be published […]

Do you remember back in January…..

when I first introduced “Irish Shoal Socks“? My original post is Here in case you missed it. Well, it’s six months later and I am pleased to announce that I am now able to offer Irish Shoal Socks for sale on my web site. Sharon, with Three Irish Girls, tells me that Irish Shoal Socks […]

Another new design released…..

by Three Irish Girls 🙂 Last summer Sharon asked if I would want to do the December pattern for her Yarnista Sock club – how thrilling to be included with some of my favorite designers! Anyhow, of course I jumped at the chance and this pattern is the result…… Irish Shoal Socks…… The yarn is […]

Wow, has time flown by…………

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since my last post! But then, I’ve been knitting my fingers off and busy with life in general. Where to start….well, back in March I told you about the projects DRG Publications accepted. With three to have done by May 7th I haven’t been working on any […]

Knitting and patterns…………..

For awhile I’ve been promising you pictures of the shawls I’m working on for RMTA….and so finally here are a few pictures of the first one. Yeah! I love how this shawl is going and can hardly wait to see it finished. The more muted colorway in the photos is the actual color. When I “enhanced” […]

Busy, busy, busy……………..

Wow, time does fly when you’re having fun! I know, it’s been a week since I wrote. Remember the socks for DH that I frogged because I didn’t like the stitch pattern I started with? Well, I came up with a different one, that I like a lot – only thing is this pattern is […]

After the 4th………….

Well, it feels like it’s been a long holiday and yet a short one. It was a pretty quiet on in our household. DH was playing with the Canon camera – here’s some pics he took of wildflowers in our yard. We did a little shopping, bought a new gas grill – and relaxed. Since […]

Happy dance……..

Just have to share this with you – Wooly Wonka Fibers has been selling my Vallisneria Sock pattern and in mid-May she took several kits for it to a fiber fair – and sold out. She was arriving home while I was leaving for the Memorial Day holiday so I didn’t find out until getting […]