Blogger gone missing……….

Well, not exactly – although it probably seems like it. You’d think that since it’s been over a month since I posted last that I’d have lots and lots to write about. Yes, and no. Yes because Taos & Moab were fun – a much needed mini vacation. And no because other than our mini […]

Observed Trials………

Today I have just a quick post – wanted to show you what we’re doing when I talk about RMTA and Observed Motorcycle Trials. These pictures were taken this past Sunday at Turkey Rock, CO.                 These first two are DH, he finished 2nd in his class at this event. This year he’s competing at […]

Ending on a good note…………….

Yeah – it’s Friday! I am so glad we’ve made it to the end of the week and today is beginning much better than the rest of the week has. For starters, the dogs managed to go outside this morning and come back in without needed yet another SKUNK bath – the bath count remains […]

And the rains came…………….

It rained, and rained, and rained, and hailed, and thundered, and rained some more. This past weekend was the wettest UTE Cup I’ve been too! Our motorcycle club – RMTA – held the 38th Annual UTE Cup at Rainbow Trail/Hayden Creek on Aug 16 & 17th. I think “Rainbow Trail” is a really appropriate name […]

Nature’s treats & knitting things………….

Well, now that I’m back from the Memorial Day Holiday vacation – did everyone have a good holiday & celebrate in your own way? I hope so. My dear Husband, Son & I all attended and worked at an Observed Motorcycle Trials event hosted by the club we are members of. A great time was […]

Peek at a national……

Peek at a national? Jean what are you talking about you say?! Well, let me explain – the motorcycle club my family belongs to, Rocky Mt. Trials Association, is hosting a national Observed Trials event over Memorial Day weekend. What are Observed Trials? Trials is a form of motorcycle competition that does not involve speed […]