Welcome to the Indie Design Gift A-Long!

The what did you say? What is an Indie Design Gift A-Long? Well, let me explain…… Over the past week, over 170 independent designers on Ravelry have banded together to bring you a Gift A-Long of epic proportions. It’s a fabulous idea we all think you will love. Everything kicks off with a 25% discount on […]

Peek at a national……

Peek at a national? Jean what are you talking about you say?! Well, let me explain – the motorcycle club my family belongs to, Rocky Mt. Trials Association, is hosting a national Observed Trials event over Memorial Day weekend. What are Observed Trials? Trials is a form of motorcycle competition that does not involve speed […]

What’s in the works……….?

What have I got in the works? Lots of ideas in different stages of development. I’ll be working on a project when a new idea will reveal itself and almost demand that I take a detour to swatch, sketch & put general notes down before allowing me to complete the project I was working on. […]

Mother’s Day on the Cog

Ok, I know I said my blog would be about my adventures in designing knitting patterns – but the Cog Railway is very cool so I wanted to share it with you. For Mother’s Day, DH & DS planned a very pleasant & relaxing day with a trip on the Cog Railway, which is in […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my world! May I introduce myself – my name is Jean and I’m an aspiring designer of patterns for hand knitters. I’d like to get to know you and hope you’ll get to know me. Please come along through my adventures in pattern designing, self publishing and promoting (I am trying to earn a […]