Socks….and shoes….

In my last post, we talked about the Interweave Press Hurt Book Sale ~ which is a great way to add to your ‘knitting library’. I must confess I am a bookaholic. I love books. And not just knitting books ~ crochet books are always on my list as are novels, non-fiction and ‘how to’ […]

Interweave’s Hurt Book Sale – Yea!

Have you heard of or shopped the Interweave Press Hurt Book Sale? Oh…if not…go take a look. The sale is on until July 25th, and you can get some really good deals! For instance, I picked up copies of all these lovely books for under $50: And the best part ~ of all the books […]

Craftsy ~ Favorite Pattern Pick

This morning brought a very pleasant surprise – my Pelerine Dolman Sweater is one of the two patterns featured in today’s Craftsy’s knitting newsletter as “Favorite Pattern Picks”. How fun! If you haven’t checked out Craftsy yet ~ it’s a site focused on all kinds of crafts. They offer classes, independent designer patterns, inspiration and […]

Fellow Knitter Needs Suggestions…..

Update 03/10/13 ~ Rebecca tells me that she has solved the problem with a simple change in how she was working the ssk, and she’s now happily knitting along on her sweater. Yea!  I am still interested in hearing from my readers though with any tips or tricks you use for attaching a border to […]

Add a Decorative Trim to a Folded Waistband…..

Are you looking for a neater waistband for your knit skirts? Does a drawstring waist seem just too casual for a tailored skirt? Have you considered using a folded waistband instead? The reason I prefer a folded waistband over a drawstring waist, for a knit or crochet skirt, is that you can put elastic in […]

Another way to work Short Rows…

In my last tutorial I posted about the Japanese Short Row method ~ but that’s not the only way to work short rows. In this tutorial we’ll review the Wrap & Turn method. When reading a pattern that includes short rows, Wrap & Turn (W&T) is the method most often used. And while many knitters […]

Shape your knits with short rows….

Well, I’m a bit late with November’s tutorial…but I have a good reason that I’ll explain in my next post. In the meantime, let’s take a look at short rows. Using short rows to shape a knit project is gaining more popularity every day, and with good reason. Short rows can be used to add […]

“Stretch” your knitting skills with this cast-on…

Do you sometimes find that your cast-on is tighter than you like? Or you are knitting a project that needs a really stretchy edge? Consider the “German Twisted Cast-On”. You may have also heard of this cast-on as the “Norwegian Cast-On”, either name is correct. The steps for this cast-on are basically the same as […]

“Woodland Rose Tunic” republished….

Have you seen the new special issue of Creative Knitting Fall 2012 – No Sew, Circular & Seamless Knits? This special issue has all kinds of projects to knit using circular needles and/or circular techniques. There are over 50 projects ranging from home decor to sweaters to accessories and knits for kids in this issue. […]

Let’s learn the “Lifted Increase”

Have you come across patterns that while instructing you to work an increase – don’t specify what type of increase? From a designer perspective, unless the overall design is affected by the type of increase, leaving this detail up to the knitter means the knitter can use an increase they are comfortable working. And from […]