Too Cute!

I just had to share this with you – it’s so cute! This is what greeted me when I went in the barn this morning to fed the goats and open the barn. We had put the bucket there so our lame goat could eat his hay more easily. The cold weather really affects his […]

A Story, or Two, About Goats

In my last tutorial post I said I would tell you why I was late posting November’s tutorial. Well, it’s a goat story ~ or two. Over the last couple of years we’ve acquired a small herd of myotonic (fainting) goats. Most of our little herd came to us a couple of goats at a […]

We have the cutest…..

The last couple of weeks we’ve been busy with Thanksgiving, of course; then getting back on track after being sick – uggh; and making changes in our ‘goat family’. Unfortunately, one goat had to go back to the breeder. He was a sweet guy to us, but as a bottle fed & then continually spoiled […]

You did what this weekend?

Yep – that is exactly what I can hear friends & family asking….in an incredulous manner. Let me tell you the story……… It all began the weekend of the Estes Park Wool Festival. We had not been to Estes Park so we went up for the day – to attend the festival and see the […]