Fellow Knitter Needs Suggestions…..

Update 03/10/13 ~ Rebecca tells me that she has solved the problem with a simple change in how she was working the ssk, and she’s now happily knitting along on her sweater. Yea!  I am still interested in hearing from my readers though with any tips or tricks you use for attaching a border to […]

New Pattern to Celebrate the New Year!

Welcome 2013! I’m celebrating the New Year with a new pattern ~ Cushy Rib Headband. This free pattern is simple to knit, fun to customize, really warm and did I mention free? With just a bit of bulky yarn, and a bit of time, you’ll have a headband that will keep your ears toasty warm. The […]

New design in knit.wear Fall 2012…

I had intended to write about a different subject today….but I just have to share this instead. Interweave has released the Fall 2012 issue of knit.wear, and not only do I have a design in this issue ~ it’s #2 on the Top 20 list on Ravelry! Wow…both are firsts for me. The design is […]