“Stretch” your knitting skills with this cast-on…

Do you sometimes find that your cast-on is tighter than you like? Or you are knitting a project that needs a really stretchy edge? Consider the “German Twisted Cast-On”. You may have also heard of this cast-on as the “Norwegian Cast-On”, either name is correct.

The steps for this cast-on are basically the same as the standard long tail cast-on, with the addition of adding a twist in the yarn while casting on. It’s that twist that provides a bit of extra yarn for each stitch and makes this cast-on stretchy.

Here’s a visual look at working the “German Twisted Cast-On”…….

You’ll find that as you practice this cast-on, you will develop a rhythm and all your stitches will be cast on before you know it! I find this cast-on very useful for socks worked cuff down, sweater hems and sleeve cuffs worked bottom up, and necklines worked top down. It works pretty much for any project that you don’t want a tight cast-on for.

Be sure to give the German Twisted Cast-On a try. It’s a skill you’ll be glad to have in your knitting ‘tool’ bag. Here is a printable PDF for your knitting bag… “German Twisted Cast-On”.

Happy Knitting ~ Jean