We have the cutest…..

The last couple of weeks we’ve been busy with Thanksgiving, of course; then getting back on track after being sick – uggh; and making changes in our ‘goat family’. Unfortunately, one goat had to go back to the breeder. He was a sweet guy to us, but as a bottle fed & then continually spoiled […]

Boy, have the last two weeks been….

Boy, have the last two weeks been a test! It seems we brought more than just souvenirs and fun memories home from vacation..we apparently brought home the flu! And a nasty one at that. First DH, who was over the worst of it in just about 3 days, then me-who it seemed could not get […]

A sad day……

today. We lost our littlest goat – Penton – to a predator during the night. (Hadn’t seen a fox or coyote all summer). I was immediately worried when he didn’t come for grain this morning and spent most of the day searching. Finally found him not far from his beloved rocks. To my sweet little […]

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing all of you a most wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday – or Canada Day for my northern neighbors! Here’s a fun little thing to pass time with on a summer holiday – JackieES (one of my favorite designers) recently listed a new lace scarf pattern on Ravelry and in the listing included […]

You did what this weekend?

Yep – that is exactly what I can hear friends & family asking….in an incredulous manner. Let me tell you the story……… It all began the weekend of the Estes Park Wool Festival. We had not been to Estes Park so we went up for the day – to attend the festival and see the […]

The Twists and Turns of Life….

can lead one in unexpected directions. Last year, for me it meant my SIL coming to live with us, and learning how to live & interact with a retarded person. This year, it’s meant a job change for me – that also impacted the ownership of my DH’s company. What you say? Yes, at the […]

Well – do you like…..

the new look? I thought my blog needed a face lift so here it is. This look is one of the WordPress templates that allows some customization. Must admit it’s fun playing with different looks. There is a new widget on the sidebar too so you can subscribe to my blog, and lots more I […]

Mother’s Day is just a week away…..

and I find myself thinking about my mother, who passed away several years ago. She was a great mom and I miss her a lot. I remember the first aran sweater she helped me knit – literally – she knit part of it for me while teaching me the stitches we used. I was really […]

Help contribute to Haiti relief funds……

many of you are aware that there is a grass roots movement begun on Ravelry to help the Haitian people affected by the recent earthquake there. Several designers/self-publishers are pledging portions of their pattern sales to be contributed through various organizations. And to that end, I am pledging 50% of all sales through February 14, […]

Just a quick post today…..

as I wanted to share that my friend was thrilled with her neckwarmer/cowl, and the one I also made for her little girl – that makes me very happy. She even asked if I would make more for them. Of course I said yes. Her little girl is growing up so fast, plus she’s on […]