Moving on with life…..

and focusing on other things is making my soul happy. Of course, I do have to get past the lastest ‘issue’ with my broken foot. I had wanted to post this wonderfully happy report of getting the last four pins out this past Monday….but….as it turned out….one of the pins did not want to come […]

Let’s see here………..

what’s been going on in my life since my last post? Well, my doctor did remove the “sticking out” pin from my foot – which hurt like h*ll – but my foot feels much better without it now. I am however still fighting daily swelling and will be so glad when my foot really starts […]

It’s a new day……..

the “Sweet Summer Knitting” blog tour is over – thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit. Hope you all enjoyed the tour & the apple crisp 🙂 So now what..well, it’s business as usual. Get up & do web work or design work or bookkeeping for DH’s business before it’s time to go […]

“Sweet Summer Knitting” is here!

Welcome to the “Sweet Summer Knitting” blog tour, and I hope you are enjoying this Fourth of July holiday! The “Sweet Summer Knitting” tour is celebrating summer with all kinds of special offerings – each blog has something different & fun for you. You’ll have to visit each blog to discover the surprises… 🙂 The […]

Quick web site update……….

Rather than make another new post on this same issue, I thought I’d just update this one. My web site is still experiencing problems this morning. I’m told this time that they thought the problem was fixed but it’s back affecting some site….mine for sure. And I’ve been asked again to wait a “few more […]

What every online retailer fears…..

is experiencing a server crash and their web site is not available…..arrgh! I apologize if you’ve tried to access my site today and received the dreaded “page not found” error message – neither my site or I have disappeared – the problem is with my web host’s server. About a half hour ago I discovered […]

Projects done…time to refresh, renew…….

and get organized! I got my 3rd project for DRG done, a week late…and with lots of communication with my editor I think all will be fine. All three projects turned out well – I’m happy with them. And as my editor tells me – no news from the tech editor is good news – […]

Wow, has time flown by…………

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since my last post! But then, I’ve been knitting my fingers off and busy with life in general. Where to start….well, back in March I told you about the projects DRG Publications accepted. With three to have done by May 7th I haven’t been working on any […]

I’ve been at it again………

Updated and revising my web site again that is. I always thought I’d be one to kept my site pretty static but you know – there are always improvement to make. This update was a pretty substantial one that took all day to complete. And that is with already having sketched out how I wanted […]

Blogger gone missing……….

Well, not exactly – although it probably seems like it. You’d think that since it’s been over a month since I posted last that I’d have lots and lots to write about. Yes, and no. Yes because Taos & Moab were fun – a much needed mini vacation. And no because other than our mini […]